09:00 AM - 05:00 PM WIB

Jogja Bay

Located inside the big ship next to the main entrance of Jogja Bay Waterpark, the pirate themed merchandise store sells a wide range of cool souvenirs.

You'll find all types of unique jogja bay merchandise for all ages from sw

One more restaurant in Jogja Bay Waterpark which is not less interesting to other menus, Jogja Bay Fried Chicken. Jogja Bay Fried Chicken is a restaurant which provides western food, such as burgers, Pizza, Fried Chicken and others.

Gili-Gili Restaurant located in the area of Jogja Bay Waterpark, serves a vary barbeque menus with semi out-door concept. The menu including grilled sausage, steak and others.

Dapur Lawana is one of the restaurants in Jogja Bay Waterpark serving Indonesian food. This restaurant is the largest among the other restaurant. The menu including fried rice, meatballs and others.

Mimi Gemi is stall that looks like barrel that served soft ice cream,beverages, and many kind of snacks.

Timo is stall that looks like treasure and placed near Harbour Theatre.
Pop corn, ice cream, any kind of snacks & drinks are ready to accompany you when watching the show.

Another unique stall looks like lifeboat, french fries,donuts,and any kind of snacks and beverages are served here