09:00 AM - 05:00 PM WIB

Jogja Bay

Jogja Bay Waterpark memberikan keamanan dan kenyamanan bagi keluarga, juga menyajikan berbagai wahana yang memberikan pengalaman baru dan seru. Salah satu wahana yang seru dan dapat dinikmati bersama keluarga adalah Bekti Adventure, slide yang berbentuk seperti ular raksasa ini dinikmati dengan menggunakan rafting tube untuk 4 orang dan siapapun yang mencobanya akan terpacu adrenalinnya.

Consist of eight slides, together with your friends you can speed and slides in Memo Racer, guanteed fun!


Bekti, the leader figure of keraton army will take you go all around Jogja Bay through bended and twisted slider..

For you who looking for freedom and want release the boredom, can express it with Volcano Coaster which disembogue into the river of Jogja Bay

This attraction does not have a long line, but 3 twist on the line will make you feel bob as in the middle of the seas.

Jolie Raft River is an attraction with soft wave that will take you go thorugh with the stream.

Gliding at high speed, you seemed to bounce like a boomerang when it reached the end of the track, which will disembogue into the river of Jogja Bay.

Consists of several short slide, you will be surprised with a splash of water from existing large barrel on the attraction.

For you who want just to enjoy the atmosphere and relax, can go the quiet Mimi Family area. Pampering guests which gives a sense of comfort.

With the gazebo, visitors who want to play water can visit the arena Hip Playground which lets you play some games.

A large pool with a sweep of the tsunami waves that can come at any time.

With or without tube, let your body flow with the water in Donte Wild River.

with a smooth flows you also can listen to the chirping of birds and enjoy the cool wind blows ,makes you feels like in river.

Kula pool is ideal spot to relax and chill, with pool bar on the side pool you and your friends can your favorite drinks.

To perform the Musical Drama Show “The Guardian Past Show Past In the future” every Saturday and Monday including holiday at 3PM. Stage can be use for events like Family Gathering and Music Concert.