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Jogja Bay

Jogja Bay & Story Telling

Jogja Bay Waterpark


The newset and the largest THEMATIC in Indonesia. With total area 7 Ha, and 19 Water Attractions. Jogja Bay Pirates Adventure Waterpark is the first and the only one waterpark in indonesia that take a pirates theme, blend the Java and Eropa culture.

Musical Drama: Jose and The Guardians, Past In The Future


Jogja Bay Pirates Adventure Waterpark has own character icons which the only one in Indonesia, that makes we different form the others. You can watch that character icons on musical drama that showing every Sunday, 02.00 PM, Musical Drama ‘Jose and The Guardians Past In the Future’ tells a story about Jogja Bay

Jose is a handsome young man, very kind, and loves peace. He is a descendant of Captain Gonzo, and he is the one who becomes a hero for Lawana.

Lawana is a beautiful, kind, and thoughtful princess. The Guardians have taken care of her since she was a child. These creatures were a gift from her mother before her she passed away.

Captain Gonzo is a pirate from Portugal and very evil. He has been undefeated for many years and is sailing across the world in search of treasure.

He is a Abdi Dalem (royal courtiers) from The Kingdom of Jogja. He is really smart because he reads many books, from which he can foresee and have above average intelligence.

He is Zorgon’s best friend and a symbol of laziness. He works for Captain Gonzo with Zorgon.

Zorgon is Captain Gonzo’s right hand man, he's very crafty and selfish. He was found on Careba island when Captain Gonzo defeated the Pirates of Careba.

The most rebellious crew member, Brando always refuses all decisions of Captain Gonzo. He used to be Captain Gonzo’s best friend and warlords of all the pirates, but now he's just a part of the ship's crew.

He might look creepy but he's really generous and very brave and honest, that's why he became a member of the Guardian. He was the protector and faithful follower of Lawana. When he's angry he can make a tsunami in the beach of the Kingdom of Jogja, he is always at the head of the guard to protect Princess Lawana

He's the funniest guardian member, happy all the time and also clever. He has the ability to teleport and time travel anywhere he wants, but sometimes he becomes weak which interferes with his teleportation. He's the symbol of happiness and good times, and he really respects princess Lawana

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Sudah tahu kan, Jogja Bay adalah salah satu waterpark terbesar yang ada di Yogyakarta dan sekarang ini menjadi salah satu destinasi liburan di Jogja yang harus didatangi juga! Nah, ternyata nih Jogja Bay tidak hanya didatangi oleh turis lokal, tapi juga turis internasional! Dan mereka sudah meriviewnya! Check this ou! 

Jogja Bay Waterpark Theme

Retno Raharjo


One of water park in Yogyakarta which claimed as the biggest one in Indonesia. There are more adventurous water games and nice surrounding. It is suitable for family day out.

Gede Puterayasa

Ayo... Ajak seluruh anggota keluarga berlibur ke sini dan nikmati serunya seluruh wahana permainan air disini hingga abadikan seluruh kegiatan dalam foto terbaik anda, tidak akan rugi lho...

bayyinah ardian

Tempat wahana yg asik, ada kolam arus, kolam ombak, seluncur dewasa dan ank, mirip the jungle, ada sewa handuk, loker, ada jualan souvernir kya di ancol, ada kapal bajak laut, tempatnya oke, tempat bilasan juga oke dan bagus banget, enaknya kesini pas weekday jdi ga terlalu ramai dan puas, harga terjangkau terbagi jadi tiket dewasa, anak 2-12th dan tiket lansia, banyak promo buat tiketnya dan life guardnya ramah2

Aristyan Kido

Tempat rekreasi air di Jogja yang rekomen, wahanana dan fasilitasnya lengkap. Ada kolam renang, kolam ombak, berbagai macam seluncuran, dll. Disarankan datang pas sedang ada promo, agar dapat harga yang lebih murah.

Visitor Name

Jogjakarta, Indonesia

I really enjoy AHOY 2016NYE Garden Party with The Pirates on Thursday, 31st Dec 2015. This event very fantastic and really love it with Party Dinner + The Finest Tree Live Band + Spectacular Musical Pirates Show + Spectacular Fireworks.

Visitor Name

Jakarta, Indonesia

Jogja Bay is defenitely a  best waterpark in Indonesia. So many fun attractions, and not to forget they have amazing spectacular show

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